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Potatoes in Schools

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The answer to many of today's K-12 challenges may just be an old friend: The Potato

Due to overly strict regulations, and in many cases publicity founded on poor or nonexistent science, potatoes have taken a bad rap of late. But, in many ways they address some of the key challenges that FSDs face today when building their menus. Here are just a few of the reasons why potatoes should be going back on school menus this fall.

Why Potatoes?

They're Popular

  • Students love potatoes
  • In fact, students prefer potatoes over all other vegetables served in schools

They're nutritious

  • Per serving, potatoes have more potassium and fiber than corn, lettuce and broccoli (and both are nutrients kids need more of)
  • 97% of fries served at school are baked, meaning they're lower in fat

They're affordable

  • Potatoes offer one of the best nutritional values per penny

Why McCain Potatoes?


  • McCain offers over 40+ products that meet USDA regulations for both a la carte and tray line

Participation Driving Favorites

1000000496 – McCain® Crispy Bakeable Seasoned Wedges 6/5 lb

MCX04717 – McCain® Crispy Bakeable Seasoned Wedges 6/5 lb

MCF03927– McCain® Deli Roasters® Oven Roast Potatoes 6/5 lb

OIF03456 – McCain® Smiles® Shaped Potatoes 6/5 lb


  • Introducing the first USDA Smart Snack compliant tater tot
  • Less than 200 mg of Sodium, less than 35% calories from fat, and 0g Saturated and Trans Fat

1000002789 – Ore-Ida® Reduced Sodium Tater Tots® 6/5 lb

Available for School Year 15 – 16 (First ship July 15, 2015)

For menu ideas, product information and to learn more about these or other McCain products contact your McCain sales rep or visit www.mccain4schools.com.