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It's More Than Speed & Price

Since the middle of the century, people have turned to quick service restaurants for quick and affordable meals. Today, when guests go to quick service restaurants, they're looking for more than speed and affordability, more than the standard burger—they are searching out unique and interesting flavors they can't easily create at home.1

It's More Than Convenience

Conventional wisdom points to location as the primary reason people visit quick service restaurants. But the reality is, when a hankering hits for a one-of-a-kind flavor, people will follow their cravings. In fact, 60% of quick service consumers are willing to go out of their way for a menu item they really want.1 The trick is, operators need to offer something special in order to draw out new cravings.

It's Unforgettable Flavor

Quick service operators have an opportunity to attract the bold flavor seeker crowd, who are willing to pay more for unique and original flavor combinations. The simplest and most profitable way to do it: add crunchy and flavor-packed ingredients to existing menu items. When operators elevate their core items with unique toppings, they're not only attracting more consumer interest, they're capitalizing on growing quick service check averages.

With the right combination of flavors, operators can bring a unique flair to their menus, inviting more guests and bigger checks. For more ready-to-use menu ideas and promotional tools that enhance your value to operators, take a look at our QSR focused Idea Feed page.

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